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Reach The Right
Social Media Audience
With Video

Our mission is to create the best social video strategy for your business. Being visible on Facebook and other social networks is vital for your business yes, but given the fact that social video engages 1200% BETTER than photo and text combined, putting up the right type of content is extremely important and just any video will not do. That’s where we come in with our Social Video services.

Increase traffic, strengthen your brand.

Get close to your audience.

In order to increase the number of visitors to your site, products or services we use social video to attract, engage and move to action. 

We never do the same things for two businesses, because every business is different.

Social Media Strategy

Our strategy is to focus on what you want to sell or promote and attract the right audience to engage with you.

Social Media Analysis

We analyze your target market as well as your competitors so that we know how to make the most of your content.

Social Selling

Selling on Social Media is not always an easy task, but we’ll help you and show you how to do it effectively.

Website Traffic Generation

The more we optimize your social media accounts, the more traffic you will generate and the stronger your brand will become on social.

Facebook Video Ads

With our Facebook Video Ads strategy, we’ll reduce your cost per click as well as your cost per acquisition and start to generate leads quickly!

Social Media Traffic

The traffic that comes from social media is fully optimized, not like the traffic you get from other website or blogs.

Social Advertising

We can also advertise your business on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Social Media Management

We can also manage your other social media accounts if you have more than one.

We Have A Simple 3 Step Process
To Optimize Your Business

Step 1 – Plan

We’ll work closely with you to plan our social media strategy so that you can only get the most relevant results.

Where is your business located? What do you want to achieve first, get more clients or authority? What is your marketing budget? These are some of the questions we ask you before we start the work.

Step 2 – Execute

After we gather all the details from you, we start the work on your project.

Our team starts to put together all the information and create the content for your social posts and best times to post. Then we start posting content to your social channels.

Step 3 – Optimize & Results

At the last step, it’s time to see the results. 

This is the last step where we start to see results. Our team is monitoring every step of the process and optimize everything as we see fit. Some things might not work from the start, so we need to tweak things so that we get the best results for you.


Here are the most important questions you might have and our answers. If you have any other questions please contact us using the form below.

How much is my investment?

We don’t have a fixed price for Social Media Management but our 30 day video content creation package starts at $795. We would love to talk with you in order to give you a quote that fits your companies needs.

When will I see results?

Results vary by industry and niche, however for most of our clients we begin to see results around the 5 to 7 day period.

Is it safe for my business?

Yes, it is 100% safe. All our techniques and practices are completely above board and compliant with all social platforms terms of service.

Do I get any reports?

Yes! After we deliver everything you’ll get a report with everything that we did. If you have us manage your social accounts you will receive a monthly report as well.

Works in any location?

Yes it does! We focus on local optimization no matter where you are!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! It is our goal to earn your business every single month and we have a good incentive to do so. We guarantee results and if you are not seeing the results then you pay nothing.

The Two Most Important Things That
We Want To Achieve With Your Business

Make You Visible On Social Media

In order to attract more clients and sales organically, you must be visible on social media, but there is so much noise on social that you must have a specific strategy to stand out. Also having a good reputation on Facebook can make your posts go viral. Using the right kind of video daily will do that for you. That’s why it’s very important for us to make your business visible on Facebook and other platforms.

Sell More On Social Media

The main target for us is to make your business also sell more while using social media, not just make it visible. In 2018 most businesses will start to sell more on social media than any other traditional marketing technique. So it is important that you beat your competition to the punch and do it better than they do. We can help!

Ready to get started?

Email Us Anytime

If you have any questions or you just want to start a marketing campaign, send us a message below or just call us directly at (720) 722-8374.


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